Pro Makeup Brush Set (Black & Rose Gold)


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Limited Edition - Handcrafted of 100% Ultra Soft Japanese Synthetic Bristles. These luxurious premium brushes are everything you need to achieve a flawless and airbrushed finish every time. The professionally designed set is cruelty-free, pro hygienic and won't shed!

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Set includes: 

• Powder Brush

• Blush Brush

• Concealer Brush

• Shadow Brush

• Blending Brush

• Eyeliner Brush

• Faux leather case that snaps into a brush vanity stand

This 6-piece Limited Edition Syntho Brush Collection is truly a premium designed collection constructed from the highest grade synthetic fibers available.  The rounded bristles give the Syntho bristle an ultra-soft feel that mocks the finest natural fibers and is 100% animal free and hypoallergenic. Other synthetic fibers in the marketplace are square like making them rough and apply product unevenly.

Professional make-up artists prefer Syntho fibers over natural hair not only for their luxurious, soft feel but also for their precision application and durability.  The Syntho line does not absorb product and is designed to minimize product waste.  They apply and blend more evenly than the most expensive natural hair brushes in the marketplace. The Syntho fibers can be used with crème, liquid or powder-based cosmetics and are extremely versatile.  You can use the same brush for eyeshadow, concealer or highlighting with incredible results! 

In addition, each brushes has a super durable PBT handle. PBT handles will not absorb product or moisture thereby extending the life of the brush. The PBT handles can also be sanitized for professional use and will not shed!

Brush Care:

In addition to product buildup, the natural transfer of oils and air pollutants from your face to the brush can cause bacteria to collect on the brush. These bacteria can cause acne and irritation when transferred back on to the face. To prevent this, cleanse your brushes once a week. Use a gentle soap or brush cleanser and massage into the hairs of the brush until old product begins to dissolve. Holding the brush down, rinse with water until soap is removed and the water runs clear. Repeat if necessary. Dry brushes on a flat surface to maintain shape and structure.

You can use a dish soap on your synthetic brushes to help dissolve heavier product buildup such as liquid and cream foundations. This will help cut through the oils and grease and get your brush extra clean, which is especially important for the face brushes. If you find that your natural hair brushes are not as soft as you like after washing, use a gentle conditioner to help soften the hair. Let it sit for a couple minutes and rinse just like you would with the hair on your head!

If you need to sanitize your brushes between use but do not have enough time to wash them with soap and water, you can spray them down with an alcohol based brush cleanser. This will kill the bacteria, but make sure to give your brushes a deep cleansing soon after to help remove additional product buildup.

If you find that the alcohol spray is drying out your natural hair brushes, again give them a conditioning and they will come back to life!


• Soak brushes in any liquid, even if it is labeled brush cleanser. Water in the ferrule can damage the wood handle as well as dissolve the glue holding the brush hairs in place.

• Do not stand the brushes up while drying, as again water can get in the ferrule and damage the brush.

• Do not blow on your brushes to remove excess powder! This can transfer bacteria from your mouth onto the brush, which ends up on your face. A simple tap on a hard surface will do!